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hi, i'm

From starting a business with no experience at 21 to packing my bags and moving across the country, and then across the world in less than 365 days - I've been described as pretty damn brave and mildly insane.


My educational background in marketing communications has allowed me to serve over 475+ small businesses and independent contractors with solidifying their brand and enhancing their overall appearance.

I've also met and worked with over 130,000 people through my experience as a branding, editorial, and wedding photographer. Yeah, crazy right? Good thing I'm a lover of the people!

I don't fear change, in fact, if it were a person I'd invite it over for wine once a month and become its friend. I firmly believe that you don't grow when you're comfortable, so that's why I stay fluid when it comes to my personal and creative endeavors.

With a passion for travel and writing, I blog.

With a heart to educate & encourage, I mentor.

With a creative eye for flare and spunk, I photograph.

Whatever you're seeking here, I'm sure you'll find.

And if you don't, perhaps you oughta just reach out and I'll see if I can change that!

Caio baby,

As a multi-passionate creative, I wear a lot of hats 
and do a lot of things!

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VIP access to all the tea...

Listen, I won't spam you, but I will surely give you VIP access to all the tea you need!

Cheers baby!

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