but more in depth...

As I said, I'm 22 and a small-town girl from Ohio. If the Enneagram means anything to you, know that I am a 7 - The Enthusiast. Basically, I am a crackhead ball of energy, I love people, creating, and adventuring. 

My soul thrives off of spontaneity, so I will be the first to tell you "go for it!", and encourage you to chase your dreams... every single one of them! 

Confident in who I am, I take so much pride when I tell you that everything I do stems from my faith. I love to talk about Jesus and share the word of God with others. My faith continues to grow every day, and I promise you it wasn't always this way. 

So regardless of who you have been, who you are now, and wherever you are going I am so grateful you are here, friend! 

I hope we can get together and make something phenomenal until then reach out and connect. 

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