I'm Kaylista, and that's pronounced KAY- list - UH .... like a grocery list ya know? It sounds just like it's spelled okay -#phonics ! 
Anyways, so happy you found my bright and bold little online home - I pray whatever you're looking for, you find here! 
I'm 23 and am an alumni of Ohio University & The University of Toledo with my Bachelor's in Marketing Communications. 
Right out of college I got a job at a non-profit, and was working part time doing marketing and photography on my own. Eventually I got so sick of my 9-5, and 5 months after college graduation I quit my office job & built my own company from the ground up. 
My mantra for all that I do revolves around 3 things: faith, authenticity, and creativity.
My faith in Jesus is the most important thing in my life. Because of my relationship with Jesus, I have discovered at a very early age what my gifts, and purpose here on earth is. I believe I was created to be a bright, bubbly, and bold voice for others & to create things that bring people closer to the Kingdom. Authenticity plays into that because what you see or hear here, is what you get. I'm a no BS kinda gal, and I believe that being transparent speaks louder volumes than being what everyone else wants you to be. 
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just few lil somethin's about me...
  • I'm a sucker for a good playlist

  • reading and writing are my guilty pleasures

  • someday i want to write a book

  • i quote King Julian wayyyy too much

  • i've competed in pageants for 12+ years

  • i'm naturally a brunette
  • my go-to coffee order is a vanilla latte with oatmilk
  • i accidentally made myself lactose intolerant
  • i'm terrified of frogs