22 Things I've Learned In 22 Years

This last week I turned 22, YAY! I love birthdays, even if it means I am getting older.

I hate this mentality for women that the older we get the less we want to enjoy birthdays. 1.) We were never created to be immortal or look 18 forever and 2.) the older we get the more wiser we become. The more we've witness and adventured throughout this life to be a well of wisdom for those who are younger than us.

I chose to spend my birth-week, because I celebrate much more than one day, in reflection of the biggest things I have learned leading up to my present. Now I'd love to share them with you!

1.) Put your faith in Jesus. - The second I chose to let go of control and hand it over my life became less stressful and more spiritual.

2.) Don't dye your hair half blonde and half black. - if you remember this trend from the early 2010's then please let's vow to not let this be a trend that repeats itself.

3.) It's better to be single and alone than with someone who doesn't give you love that you deserve. - Enough said.

4.) Read more books. - put down the cell phone and pick up a good book. Grow your vocabulary, indulge in romance novels, and allow your brain to be creative.

5.) Stop acting like you know it all. - The second you accept that you aren't the all knowing queen you think you are, is the very second you begin to grow because knowledge is power and there is something beautiful about a woman who craves learning.

6.) Blood isn't always thicker than water. - Toxic people are toxic people. I don't care if they're your parent, sibling, cousin, or whatever. You DO NOT have to keep them in your life just because you have similar DNA.

7.) Friends come and go, but the truest stay. - As you grow up you'll lose touch, you won't hangout as much, and you may never again. But the best of your friends will always make an effort to check in, to arrange for coffee even after 5 months, and they still will be along for the ride.

8.) Stop wasting energy on people who wouldn't waste it on you. - I don't need to elaborate

9.) Invest in yourself! - Get new hair, get monthly facials, sign up for yoga, but do something that is going to give you time for yourself and make you better.

10.) Be silly. - Like so silly that you're laughing from crying at yourself. You don't need 800 people to think you are funny as long as you think you are who cares?! You spend 11000% of your life with yourself so you might as well make it entertaining.

11.) You don't grow when you're comfortable. - Push yourself. Try new things, move away, pick up a challenging hobby, but just get out of your comfort zone and keep growing as an individual.

12.) Travel. - Book the plane ticket, hop in the car with your homies, see the unseen and witness all of Gods beautiful creation. He didn't carve the mountains out for us to only see flat farm land forever.

13.) Heartbreak makes you stronger. - I know it hurts, but it is all necessary to get you to the bigger picture. Every aching moment of it is leading you to find your person.

14.) Put the phone down. - Go outside, spend intentional time in conversation, but UNPLUG YOURSELF.

15.) Be your siblings best friend. - They love you and you love them. Take advantage of the fact they are stuck with you for a lifetime and become best friends. Hangout, do things, talk, and share memories.

16.) Choose worship over worry. - Worrying doesn't do anything. It doesn't add more time to this life, so stop. Choosing to worship in times of hardship allows you to keep moving forward and spending your time here on earth in God's grace.

17.) Be a woman who says "yes!" to God. - When we choose to put all of our own decision making and control aside and just simply hear God and His intentions for us, we are able to say yes and live a life bound for greatness & so much grace.

18.) Stop rushing through everything. - Appreciate the phase of life that you are in. Stop wishing away high school because someday you'll miss how easy it was. Stop wishing you were already married, or having babies when you should be enjoying the time where it is just you and your partner. Just stop.

19.) You are the only person who cares enough about your dreams. - Your dreams are not silly. If you want to be a professional dog walker, or the CEO of a non-profit then dream away! You are the only person who cares enough so don't let anyone else stand in your way of doing what you want.

20.) Sweep your own doorstep before you sweep someone else's. - Wise words from my great grandma Fern. This means that before you approach someone, or choose to gossip about the mess they have then you better make sure that your step is clean first.

21.) Educate yourself before you talk on a subject. - Today's society is vocal on anything and everything because it's easily at our fingertips. Do everyone a favor and really educate yourself before you start throwing your opinions out there and confusing them for facts.

22.) Love God, then yourself. - Above all things choose Him. Choose your Creator, the one who made you so perfectly in His image. Stop trying to change yourself to fit this idea of beauty or perfection, that's such an insult to God who spent time making you just as you are thinking that you are the most beautiful being. Choose Him, then choose to love yourself.

I know these things are all across the board but they are so relevant. I pray that you can take some of them and apply them to your life too.

Til Next Time,


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