Extension Talk: Round 2 !

Hey ya'll! After endless conversations with people about my recent installation of extensions I have decided to do a blog post answering as many questions, and giving as much insight as possible!

If you've followed me for a while then you'll recall that last summer I had Keratin Fusion extensions in my hair. As a refresher Keratin bond extensions are these individual strands of hair that are attached to your actual hair by being, well, bonded HAHA. They are a pretty great option to invest in, but I just didn't think they were for me!

I also have naturally really dark hair, and therefore having a platinum blonde strand attached to my grown-out dark roots just looked weird and when they started to tangle I decided that they needed to go.

After removing those extensions I chopped off my hair to above my shoulders, and recently back in November I kissed being blonde bye-bye and became a red head!

I knew that eventually I would want long locks again because SURPRISE I love change! So I took a really long time looking at all of my options. Did I want to do tape ins? Clip ins? Halo? Hand Tied? Beaded? UGH! The options felt endless so I waited a really long time.

Finally, I was so blessed to cross paths with an amazingly talented stylist in the area who asked me to be a model for her at an extension class where she brushed up on her skills, and enhanced her work by learning new things.

Now I have a head full of Co-Z wefts from JZ Styles, a salon based in Utah, which I actually got to go to as the model!We spent time hanging with the owner, Jessi, and truthfully I learned so much just sitting there. In addition to my Co-Z's I also have a few mini-hand tieds, and even a couple tape ins for fillers. My hair went from that cute bob above, to a thick and heavy mane.

And. I . Am. OBSESSED!

Now I have lush, long, red locks!

So let me run through a couple things I think are extremely important for you to know as a consumer and client:

1.) DO YOUR RESEARCH! - Figure out what types there are, what kind of hair you have, which you would be able to maintain and upkeep, and who does really solid work in your area. Oh, and cost too. These are an investment and you really should consider every factor!

2.) DAILY DOSE - If you're not exactly a fan of maintaining your hair, or taking time to style it then you may not want to go for a semi-permanent option like hand tieds or bonds. I'd look into something you can take out after each use like clip-ins or a halo. With my extensions I carry a small brush in my purse to keep my long locks from tangling, especially with the winter winds. I also brush thoroughly before bed ensuring no rats, and paying attention to the areas between my wefts.

3.) BEAUTY IS PAIN (for a second)! - When I had my Keratin extensions my head experienced some discomfort since the bonds were hard. They would rest weird against my head. With hand-tied wefts you literally are having wefts of hair sewn against your scalp with your natural hair. Your. Head. Is. Going. To . HURT! ... but don't worry it only lasts like 3-4 days and then BAM you barely remember they're there. Seriously, I cant even feel these babies!

4.) UNDERSTAND THE UPKEEP! - Similar to number 2 you have to remember to just upkeep your hair. I wash my hair probably once or twice a week now that my hair is so long. Mainly because it is a process! Personally, my wash routine includes sectioning my hair so that way I can be sure to wash in between each weft avoiding dry scalp, or build up. I also let my hair towel dry while I get ready for bed, and then I blow dry the majority of my hair to avoid breakage, or too much weight weighing on my scalp. You don't have to do this too - I just do.

You also have to go back every so often for a move up. Your hair grows out, and obviously your extensions move. Therefore, your stylist will want you to come in to remove your extensions and replace them where they belong.... so remember reading #3? Yeaaaaaah, like I said honey beauty is pain! LOL.

5.) ROCK 'EM! - Learn styling tips, and don't be afraid to ask your extension specialist questions. I snapchat mine and ask for blending tips, styling ideas, and all sorts of things because she made me feel so comfortable.

Alrighty, I hope that answered a few things regarding the tip-related questions I have been receiving. I didn't cover things like cost because every head of hair is different and an extensionist can better assist you! Luckily for you my extension babe loves chatting about how she can fix you up, so send me over a message and I will gladly give you her information! Otherwise you can find her on instagram by looking up @destryhair.ohio!


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