I Invested In My Hair.

The cool thing about adulting is that you work your butt off so whenever you decide to spend your money, and whatever you decide to spend it on is nobody's business.

So I spent money -- correction: I invested my money on my hair.

When I graduated high school and went to college I chopped off all of my hair to a bob. I rocked the short hair, and it made me look so much older. It just wasn't for me though in the long run. Short hair is so easy to style, IF you know how to style it. I didn't know how to french braid or anything of the sort so I basically was drying out my hair daily by straightening it.

Which then caused it to barely grow. SUPER fun times for the following years my friends. (not!)

Hair from freshman year of college

So after being extremely annoyed and avoiding heat as much as I could I will admit my hair grew like an inch in one school year. Frustrated, I bought clip in extensions, and for a short while they were a temporary and fun fix. I could clip them in whenever I wanted to rock some locks, and go. However, they barely blended, you could see them through my thin hair and within months they started to thin out so badly it looked disgusting. Like, imagine ramen noodle stringy hair. Yeah, yiiikkkesss.

After that disappointment I was set on finding a solution to my slow growing mane. I took these knock off and awful HSN hair growth "vitamins" someone told me about, major fail. I tried coconut oil on my roots, major grease ball. And then I tried prenatal vitamins and that actually really helped! I started taking them about 4 months ago and finally was seeing some progress in hair growth.

My research was not over, and I was still certain I wanted long locks. I was searching for the best brands, styles, and any and all information I could gather. From getting quotes on tape ins, and hand wovens and back to distinguishing the best clip in brands I finally found what I wanted.

Keratin fusion bond extensions.

These extensions are bonded to your hair by keratin bonds (wow , ya don't say), which is a structural protein that can be found in hair, nails, skin, etc. The extensions are bonded to your hair by a keratin bondage film and sealed with heat. They last for 6-9 months depending on well you take care of them and give a natural and real look to your hair.


I dug around looking at so many local salons, and getting price estimates. I finally stumbled across one that was affordable, and amazing that I couldn't resist so I booked my consultation, then booked my appointment and in a week I had the hair I so desperately wanted.

Now just because I said I wanted it doesn't justify why I did it. Mind you I researched this whole process for like 6 months ya'll. I didn't just see someones cute IG pic and go spend a hot penny on hair. I invested. I took money out of each paycheck and set it aside. I thought it through over and over, and tried various different routes before I made this investment.

I highly encourage you to do the same. Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with my hair (thanks to https://www.instagram.com/blairgeorgehairstylist/ ) . However, try out some prenatal vitamins first and see if that stimulates your body and its reaction to producing the vitamins needed for rapid hair growth.

If it does YAY what a way cheaper route for you, ya lucky! But if not do the dirty work. Dig around local salons, ask them what services they offer (hand woven is a great route too btw), get quotes at more than just two salons and think on it.

Now before I get any more questions than I already have, I don't tell people how much I spend on things because its not your business what I do with my money that I work hard for. Also, my priorities or items of importance are most likely different than yours.

+ Even if I did want to share it would do no good. Request a free consultation, ask the questions, see how much hair you'll need, color, and length and then you'll have a general idea!

Hope this was helpful, peachy queens.

FYI - I went to Goldie & Reds in Defiance, OH. All the girls are the best so take whoever!

Til next time,


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