In Your Feels : A Playlist of 10 Songs

Music is my thing. In the car it's ALWAYS going. A L W A Y S , unless I'm in one of those weird moods where I'd rather listen to a podcast. So that being said I'm gonna make playlist blog posts from time to time. Enjoy !

1.) All Love - Fletcher

2.) Undrunk - Fletcher

3.) In Your Arms - Ilenium

4.) Stone - Lee Dewyze

5.) Castles - Lee Dewyze

6.) Farewell - Rapta

7.) Rewind - Absofacto

8.) Even When It Hurts - Hillsong United

9.) Bulletproof - Griffin Oskar

10.) Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish

Ten bangers from rap to worship to pop to indie. It's all there and all for you honey!

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