Life & Beauty Hacks You Never Thought Of!

Hey guys!

So quarantine life has me making some weird new routines, reading up on crazy things, and investing my time into better lifestyle/beauty choices.

If you've followed me for a while you'll recall I got off my birth control in January 2019 and then endured (and am still enduring) quite the struggle with hormonal acne.

I've spent a lot of money and time figuring out how to manage my skin, and I decided to share some random tips and trips that maybe you can pick up on too!

Not all pertain to skin care, hair hacks, and whatever else - some also are just random around the house or habitual hacks that may make your life easier!

Let's get started :)

1.) Wash your pillow cases every time you wash your hair! (or 2x a week)

For my fellow dry-shampoo lovers, if you only wash your hair 1-2x a week then apply this rule. If you're a strange bird and wash your hair every day (stop doing that!) then just make it a point to wash your pillow cases 2x a week, toss them in with a load!

Your pillow cases carry the same amount of bacteria as a toilet seat (if not more)... yeah, I know disgusting! Imagine... you, asleep, with your head on a toilet ... WASH YA DANG PILLOW CASES!

2.) Add collagen powder to your drinks!

A long time ago I purchased Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen. It's Strawberry Lemon flavor, and you put 2 scoops in your 8oz drink.

I recently became a partner of Vital Proteins, but thats only because I am a big fan and previously always bought their products.

Before bed I like to drink hot tea, my favorite is Tazo Passion tea. I boil my water, and steep my tea while I mix 2 scoops of collagen powder into my drink.

The beauty collagen has Hyaluronic Acid, which improves skin elasticity. It also has priobiotics to help with my digestive system, and a plethora of other factors!

3.) Invest in a good esthetician and product line!

Bro, stop buying Clean & Clear. Pay attention to the ingredients in it, and if you cant pronounce even ONE then don't buy that. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on brands that didn't work because Google told me too.

Finally, I saw an acne specialist (shoutout to my girl Annie at Blush Skin Care Spa) and she helped with acne treatments, and educating me on the type of acne I had. Then, my best friend finished her esthetics program, and now I visit her in the spa monthly for facials, peels, and a consistent skincare regimen. Check her out: HERE!

She helped me find a product line that is CLEAN, and consistent in fighting break outs. Stop wasting your money on stupid stuff that is bad for you and doesn't work and just save up to see someone who CAN HELP YOU!


CBD CBD CBD. LOL I LOVE CBD! I got my first CBD product from NatureRx as an affiliate. Their premium hemp oil is AMAZING. Educate yourself on it, and figure out that it doesn't get you high, then go get some because wow.

For all my nervous Nellies, anxious Annies, and depressy Debbies this is FOR YOU. It helps me relax, sleep, and just overall feel better.

I recently purchased Soul CBD gummies, and they are on their way... perhaps I'll do a podcast episode on CBD.

5.) Download Think Dirty

You know how I am always posting pictures of products I love that are CLEAN? Well, that's thanks to my little app bestie Think Dirty, Shop Clean.

You can search almost any product and see what ingredients are inside. Like your beloved Bath & Body Works? Yeah, almost every single product is a 9.... BTW 0 = Clean, 9=BAD..

Going to the drug store to get lotion takes me 20 minutes because I sit there scanning bar codes trying to find the cleanest product and 9x out of 10 I end up leaving empty handed and ordering something off Amazon because nothing on CVS or Walmart shelves is that good for you.

And yes... it DOES matter. I ain't trynna be wrinkly at 35 or have a disease because some lotion has formaldehyde in it ... jeez. (btw thats what they use to perserve dead animals and people.....) u r welcome ..


Okay I get the temptation, especially if you put your alarm on your phone, but can you honestly think of a worse thing to do right away?

Do you seriously want to read Sandy's negativity at 6:45a.m. on Facebook or compare yourself to Sarah's thin body bikini pic on IG within the first 5 minutes of your day?! DUDE, OF COURSE NOT!

Hit the"stop" button, set your phone back down, stretch, and go get your coffee before you make your bed.

You're addicted to the dopamine that digital slave driver gives off. Take control over that AS SOON as you're awake, and heck you'll be mind blown at what else you can control throughout the day!

7.) For every item you buy, you have to get rid of another.

This is my rule. If I want to do some shopping (which I do my best to only buy secondhand because fast fashion is horrific), and I bring home 15 new pieces to my wardrobe then I must go through my closet and dresser and get rid of 15 old pieces.

Here's why: The less I have of materialistic things, the more open I am to gaining spiritual things... such as appreciation for the items I DO have.

I go through, and toss out things that no longer resemble my values or fashion sense. Then, before I spend 50 minutes taking pictures and uploading them to FB marketplace, I drive to my local homeless shelter, and the church store up town.

My town has this cute little store in a annex building of a church where you can drop off your items and people with low incomes can pay $2.00 a person to get in and take whatever they may need.

Yes, your Nike hoodie might've been $45.00 but that's your ridiculous problem for spending that much for a swoosh on your shirt. Some kid probably needs it more than you ever have, so stop trying to make a buck and just do good.


Those 7 life and beauty hacks are EASY. Like dude, whoever thought about washing their pillowcases that much am I right?!

Take it or leave it, the information is purely my opinion through trial and error. I've lost a lot in order to gain the things I now have in life, and I mean that in a spiritual way.

Because of my heart wanting to do good, my mind and body caring about what I put in and on it, and my desire to share these things with you - I pray it helps!



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