My 2019 Hair Recap!

I started dying my hair when I was like 12. True story, my mom was cool like that. Thanks Mishelle!

But also, my aunt was also in the cosmetology industry and that made pink streaks, highlights, and chops so fun! I've been a platinum blonde, and a brunette. I've had 22" extensions, and a bob. I've never once freaked out about it or felt like just because I rocked one look meant it was meant for me to wear all. the. time.

In fact I get bored really easy. SO easy and instead of uprooting my entire life every few months I just change my hair. So today I'm going to take you on the evolution of my hair in 2019 and then let me tell you some advice at the end! Blunt advice because I'm feeling a little spunky today but ... you'll thank me later.

January 2019 - thin blonde hair. This was the longest my natural hair had been since i wore a bob my freshman year of college. I have ALWAYS had slow growing hair, but this year I discovered prenatals and now my natural hair is growing again after an unfortunate cut, its thicker too!

May 2019 - My long hair dream came true! I invested in Keratin Fusion extensions which are these little bonds that attach to your hair and add length and volume. I LOVED my extensions and took such good care of them, BUT at the end the bonds started growing out and twisting causing my hair to dreadlock. Literally. I got a healthy cut after that to my shoulders because my ends were pretty dead. All is well though - I definitely will get extensions again someday just maybe a different kind!

August 2019 - Platinum w/ a root shade. Post extension hair was BOMB. Loved it! I took really good care of my hair and helped restore it to a shiny platinum that had healthy ends. I also got a root shade because I'm naturally a brunette so my roots grow in fast and dark (thanks to those prenatals I was telling you about)! That being said, this look is my average Kaylista sorta vibe. BUT as usual, i got bored soooooo...

October 2019 - I decided to add a little auburn / brunette touch. Fall was approaching and I was tired of keeping up with being platinum.. fun fact adulthood makes you lazy. So lazy that you hate washing your hair with purple shampoo in a consistent schedule. This look was very natural. My blonde peeped through within a few weeks and my hair was this weird in between color so I knew I needed to pay the salon a visit

TODAY - Okay well i took this last week when I died my hair but still. IM A REDHEAD. Yo, i love it. Ive been wanting to be a redhead for like a year. I felt like it really just resembled my fiery soul and accented my blue eyes so I told my aunt "give me the red baby" and now here I am. I don't know if im ever going to want to go back to blonde ever again lol! I use color conserving shampoo and will probably get it toned occasionally so the color doesn't fade too fast!

Okay so you made it through my hair evolution of this year, and as promised I was going to share some advice. Ready?


Just because you found your look that fits you best, doesn't mean you need to stop experimenting or justifying your secret desires for a new look. Just friggin' do it! Spice up your life, fuel your fire, try the trend. BE THE TREND SETTER.

Literally some people messaged me on IG saying they were gonna dye their hair red too and i was like yo join my trend idc. Let's have cake to celebrate (i love cake).

I've never been the kind of person who waits 6 months on a decision like this - I do for my tattoos though so this mentality isn't applicable to every situation - I just do it.

"But Kaylistaaaa what if i hateeee ittttttt??" Then you suck it up and book an appointment for 4 weeks out and get it fixed. It's just four weeks and sometimes even sooner. It's just hair and it doesn't make or break you. It's literally just a part of being trendy and refreshed.

There ya have it folks, my brutal hair truth that I have been telling my friends and family since I started messing with my hair! It'll grow back, you can recolor it, and there's 100000000 professionals out there that are trusting enough for you to go to. I can give you the name of 5 right now!

Be brave little souls, dye your hair and cut it off but just go do something for you!

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