Starting Your Morning Out Right

I don't know about you but I am NOT a morning person.

Okay, correction - I WAS not a morning person. Then I got my "big girl" job and had to be there by 8AM, and I realized that if I was going to have to tackle long days I was going to need to do it well.

Every morning, on top of a thorough skin care routine, complicated outfit designation, and many more "getting ready" aspects I sit down and write out my blessings.

No, seriously. I dedicated a 57 cent journal where I painted the cover and wrote "blessings upon blessings" on it, to literally write down all the blessings in my life in order to get my day going with the right mindset.


Because every morning where I am so ready to snooze my alarm, shoot an "Imma be late" email, or roll back over I have to remind myself of the things that can keep me going through the day.

Sometimes it's things like "thank you for the coffee this morning, it fired me up", or "I'm blessed with a family who supports my every decision, right or wrong". However bleak, or intensive I want to be that morning, I am still acknowledging the things God is doing in my life.

I think that when we take the time to really sit back and see the good things in our life, and I mean all of the good things not just the big jump for joy moments, we begin to see the good in everyone's lives... not just our own. Choosing kindness, and choosing joy aren't just a mental switch. It's a discipline because there is way too many bad things out there anymore. You have to choose to look past that grouchy coworker. You have to choose to let go of the friendships that aren't serving you. You have to choose to smile at the person in front of you at the store (even if they are taking 5 minutes to choose which box of Cheez-It's they want).

You have to choose to see the good, because the good doesn't just pop out you in rainbow colors when the world is rather grey. Sorry, it's just the truth.

Sometimes your good things are as extreme as graduating high school, or college, or a votech school. Sometimes it's as small as a guy holding the door open for you at Starbucks and telling you to have a good day.

Sometimes, it's just about what you want to acknowledge as good.

Start your morning off right by thanking God for the good He has put right before you. I'd say you don't have to write them down, but then are you accountable enough to remind yourself every morning to list things that He did for you? I know I am not. But when I see my little notebook I immediately have a "oh yeah, lets do that quick" moment where I can devote 2 minutes of my life to chicken scratched blessings, time with God, and time for myself.

You deserve a joyful, positive, and blessed life. It doesn't just come from others, it has to come from you wanting it. So want it so bad, that you'll wake up 10 minutes early to fit this time for your life and your faith into your day to day doings.

And I think -- no, I KNOW you'll start to see a difference in your life.

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