Sweet & Simple: The Rule Book

Updated: May 25, 2019

I said we have some things to talk about, things that'll really connect us and my friends I cannot wait to indulge in some deep stuff. However, first we need to clear the air...

This first blog is short and sweet because it's basically the rule book for being a follower and reader. So read along quick, and get the flow of how things will work here and let's roll!

I'm Not A Fake

What you see and what you read, is what you get. There is no BS here. I do my best to be real and raw with you all, because if I pretend like life is great all the time who is benefiting? Not me that's for damn sure.

Mix-Tape Vibes

Take this blog as it is, or scadaddle. That being said, I am a Christian girl, and I love Jesus. But I am not a fake (see statement above), and I will be open and honest about my faith journey just as much as I will be about my sins. Because I am human. And we all sin, so yeah there's that.

--- Also, sometimes I swear just a little. Not because I think I am cool, but because I think it gets the point across. Woops.


I want us to connect. Which means if I sugar coat anything, I risk the chance of losing that connection. So I won't, scouts honor! Whatever topic of conversation we are on, it's onnnnn girl (or guy). We're going to dive deep and hit the feels, or hit it right on the noggin'. Dang, I am already fired up this is going to be great.

Topics of Talk


Enough said.

That about sums things up. This is a place for me to be me, and for me to use my voice to help you as much as I can. I want this to be a friendship that we form, where you feel like you always have someone. Literally, if you need someone you message me okay?!

However, I need your respect just like you need mine. So this is a place of sweetness and simplicity. Be kind, or be gone cutie pie.



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