The Greatest Love of My Life

We we're introduced when I was really young. Between a couple of weekly hangouts, casual conversations, and being introduced by my neighbor lady who was also my best friend's mom I remember being so excited and into this guy, because if Kim thought he was awesome, then he must be really really awesome.

As I got older and life started to carry me in 800 directions, we lost touch. We barely ever talked, and I felt like I never saw him... until I did again.

I was 19 and dealing with a horrific breakup. You know, the ones that have you sobbing until you cannot breathe and make you feel like your chest is collapsing? Yeah, one of those. I remember sitting up in my bed at 3am on a weeknight knowing I had to be awake for work in 2 hours, and just crying and mumbling "I can't do this, I can't", when all of a sudden, as if he could sense my brokenness, I heard from him for the first time in years.

It was like one of those crazily timed text messages where you were thinking about someone and they just reach out. Except, it wasn't a text message - it was an interruption to my shattered heart with a subtle call.

"I've missed you, and I want to help you. You just need to let me in."

I remember that moment and it still gives me chills. I can recall the way my room looked lit up by the street light, the way my tears stopped almost instantly, and I even remember what pajamas I was wearing that night.

He is a man who has never stopped loving me even when I stopped caring about our relationship because I was caught up in things of the flesh. The one who sees my brokenness, my past, my present, and loves every single piece of me. He encourages me to stand when I've fallen, and to be strong when I feel weak. He wants to hear the things on my mind, and in my heart and help me make my life here on Earth fulfilled with goodness.

He is my savior. He is God.

When I chose to see and hear Him again, I fell head over heels with what goodness and grace came into my life following our rekindling. He is always there, always showing up for me when I feel like I least deserve it. His love is patient, it bears all things. (1 Cor 13:7)

That is a love worth celebrating this Valentine's Day.

As humans we often get easily distracted by things of the flesh, even though we know we shouldn't. We get transfixed on money, material things, people, and this season - what diamonds we will open, or what fancy restaurant our significant other will be taking us too.

So I pray that apart from sharing some of your heart with an earthly-love, you also set aside a date night for you and God. Because just like He missed me, He misses you too. He wants to hold your hand and help your heart feel full of joy. He wants to hear the things weighing on your heart, and the desires for this life that you have. He wants to help you fulfill His purpose for you, and share with you the blessings He has set aside for your life. Spend a night on the couch curled up with your Bible, offer your hand to hold in prayer. Just remember that the greatest love in this life isn't found in a person walking the planet with you, but the one who created it to begin with.

and no worries, this Great Love is worth sharing with others ;)

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