The Healthiest Snack Shack In Northwest Ohio.

The other day I had to be in the Toledo/Perrysburg area from 8:30AM until 3:30PM for educational purposes (suspicious?).

On my way to my meeting in Perrysburg I realized 1.) I was going to be way early and 2.) I was way hungry. So I looked up cute local food joints and stumbled across the healthiest, most chic snack shack I have ever seen in my life.

It's name? Local Roots Juice Co.

Like what?! Could that be any cuter as well?!

Right now I am in this awesome transition from unhealthy habits, to exceptionally healthy ways of eating, and using products. Local Roots is all organic, every thing is made in house, and it is owned by a small family. I am obsessed okay, GO THERE.

For lunch I ordered their Gourmet Avacado Toast with the everything seasoning, an Acai Smoothie Bowl with strawberries, chia seeds, chocolate chips, and pineapple and got a Boxed Water™ (dead, love that they carry this).

On top of carrying Boxed Water™, which a recyclable container, they promote sustainability with all of their eating utensils. The tray was made of recyclable material, my spoon in my smoothie bowl was wood, and the bowl itself had little advertisements on it promoting greener habits.

Avacado Toast, Smoothie Bowl, and my water.

The menu was great, and I loved that I could watch them make everything with fresh ingredients but do you know what I loved even more?!

Their in house, organic, cold-pressed juice selection! I stared at the fridge for way too long before asking the cute girl working what her favorite was. I got Good Lookin'™ which consists of juice made from carrots, apple, lemon, and ginger. SO so so good.

Side note: They sell these in glass bottles too! So you can reuse or recycle, once again just promoting eco-friendly habits. THANK YOU LOCAL ROOTS!

picture from @kaylistaunderwood on IG | Good Lookin™ from @localrootsjuiceco

I am actually extremely upset that I don't live in Perrysburg because I'd go so often. However, that may be a blessing to my bank account.

Since the items on the menu are all organic, and healthy you must be mindful of the prices. Having a mindset of "that's overpriced" is naive, because it's giving you so many healthy benefits that your McDonalds smoothie is not, girlfriend.

I highly suggest planning a girls day, date, or whatever and swinging in there. I literally am coming up with excuses with my friends for us to go to Plato's Closet in Perrysburg JUST so we can stop by there again.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram too! It's @localrootsjuiceco and if you stop in tell them you heard about their business from The Sweet & Simple Blog. This doesn't give me any perks btw, I just want them to know I am totally fangirling over everything they offer.

Okay, that's all for today. I just HAD to share this place. It's my spirit animal in a juice joint form ;)


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