Why I Ditched My Birth Control Pills

You probably read that title and screamed "YIKES!".

So first let me address the most commonly asked questions when I tell people I am no longer on birth control.

1.) No, I am not trying to get pregnant. I am not engaged, let alone married and it's just not really apart of Preston & I's plan ... yet (give me 6 years)

2.) No, I am not crazy.

and 3.) No, I don't plan to get the IUD, bar in my arm, shot, or anything else.

I just simply refuse to put my body through that again. Disagree? Cool beans, you go sister. Refer to my rule book before you consider leaving some ridiculous comment. THAAAAANKS (*insert "It's an avocado" vine here*).

When I was 14 I got put on birth control because I had back acne so badly it was embarrassing. We tried topical treatments, and so many things until finally my mom decided we would try birth control. Blessing in my life at the time because I no longer had my best friends perform a real life "Dr. Pimple Popper" episode at sleepovers (S/O to you Veronica you da best). My back cleared up, and so did my face.

When I was 17 I began being sexually active. Oh boy, shoot me down right? Sorry, but I told ya'll I am going to be open and honest and I can't do that if I don't tell the truth. So yeah, not exactly my fondest moments but whatever moving forward...

I was 20 (a month shy of 21) when I decided I couldn't be on the pill anymore. Why? I had these depression slips way more often than I had ever before. I understand I was graduating college a year early, and my boyfriend and I got a house to work on, and there were like 137 contributing factors to my stress but it wasn't stress alone. I was miserable and couldn't feel things for weeks at a time. Life felt bleak, and even worse I was acting out so impulsively and hormones were raging I felt like I was 12 and going through puberty.

It. was. EMBARRASSING. A friend of mine was home from California where her and her husband lived, and she told me about FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) and we got talking a LOT about the harmful aspects of birth control and what it can do to your body (fun fact: like causing depressive slumps or extreme hormonal imbalances) over time. After doing a ton of research on my own, I decided I couldn't feel this way anymore. I bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler and as soon as I am done with summer classes I am DIVING into that book and learning about my body. Highly suggest buying on amazon.

(Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Your-Fertility-Anniversary/dp/0062326031/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2TW3YC56UV2ZT&keywords=fertility+awareness+method+book&qid=1558794640&s=gateway&sprefix=fertility+awa%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-1 )

So on January 1st, literally I made it that day on purpose (HA), I decided I was done taking my pills.

Where did Preston stand in this decision? Right next to me. First and foremost, it's my body and ultimately my decision. He didn't have to feel the way I felt or anything. He just had to deal with the way I was acting (which honestly was the worse end of the deal). So when I told him he was skeptical but respectful. We're sexually active, yes. -- No worries, I am waiting for the next bolt of lightning to strike me down because I admitted I am flawed, oh golly. -- So now, we're extra extra careful. Honestly, I love him more for just standing firm behind me and my decision for my body.

I've been BC free for almost 6 months now and I FEEL AWESOME. This is going to seem crazy, but I really just feel in control of my body. My periods are natural (TMI? don't care) and not regulated on whether or not I skip pills to skip them (which btw is NOT good). I also feel more energized, and I honestly never have depressive slumps like I did. Now, it's literally only ever stress which I can bounce back from in a nano-second. The only thing that sucks is my face breaks out REALLY bad but sometimes, ya gotta just roll with it. I'll figure out a solution eventually.

So yeah, long story short - I just decided that the things I was putting into my body weren't working for me any more. I did a lot of reading on the long term causes birth control can do to you, and let's just say I have always wanted to be a mama and the fact infertility is a potential factor was enough for me to say "peace purple pills!".

Everyone is different, and I am not encouraging anyone to get off their pills. But if your passionate about your body, and your life, and the way you are feeling then just simply take time to educate yourself and see if its something you are into.

Also, reminder to those who decide to get off their pill and are sexually active: be extra extra extra extra careful.

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