Why I'm Okay With Quarantine Life...

Are you going stir crazy? Tired of being cooped up in your bedroom? Is your sister driving you silly?

HAHA - it's okay, I get it! I've experienced these feelings too at least once during this quarantine.

But I'm okay with it!

Truly, I am!

My sister might annoy me as she stomps around the house before I'm ready to wake up, and I may forget how to socialize by the end of this but I am totally okay with being stuck at home with my family until this all blows over.

Wanna know why? I have one word for you... ready? READY!?


God is working and He is working hard right now, friends.

He is restoring the family unit. The time you are your family are spending in conversation, playing board games, binge watching Tiger King - that is God reuniting your familial bond that has been damaged due to crazy schedules.

God is working on His people. He is slowing them down, and forcing them into silence and solitude so they can spend one-on-one time with Him and really hear what they need to hear. We might get a little stir crazy, but let me bring something to your attention. In this season, more people are viewing church sermons (virtually of course!), buying Bibles, devotionals, and praying more than they have in years passed. THAT IS TO BE PRAISED!

He is showing His power. We cannot save ourselves from this. Could a vaccine be curated? Yeah, but I'm talking big picture saving. We cannot save ourselves from the loneliness we feel, the frustration we are experiencing, or the complications at hand. God can though. And when we choose to praise Him, and trust His plan, we are more focused on seeing His power.

So yeah, God is busy during this quarantine, and I rest in knowing that truth.

But I also, am just resting.

As a 7 on the Enneagram, I am a crackhead ball of on-the-go energy. I am everywhere all the time running 126MPH. So right now? I am resting.

I am taking time to slow down, and focus on my relationship with Christ.

I am letting my body rest, sleeping in when it needs extra hours, and resting it through the day with naps or an occasional perch on the recliner while I Pinterest sustainable switches.

I am resting my brain, and treating it to guilty-pleasures, which in my book is reading, binge watching The Vampire Diaries, and creating art.

I am forgiving myself for being a slave to the concept of hurry, and freeing myself from the pressure to post, prove, and produce.

I don't know if you agree, or if you're totally hating this experience. Regardless, your mentality is everything, so I highly encourage you to change your mindset to being "okay".

You don't have to throw up rainbows of happiness, or punt a ball of fiery anger into the room full of your loved ones - just be okay with whats going on.

Trust God. Trust His plan. Trust yourself.

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